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David Denny did the pilot Narration for the documentary

A Fierce Green Fire before Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd

replaced his voice. The film debuted at Sundance 2012 with David's narration

A FIRCE GREEN FIRE - ACT 1 - narration by David Denny

Artist's Plight is a poem by Logan Clarke. His goal through the music of George Michalski

was to have the Artist's Plight read at the Oscars by Morgan Freedman. It was a close

call but didn't make it in the 2012 Acadamy Awards. This is a narration by David Denny

that was presented to Morgan and other Hollywood Actors in hopes it would be on the show.

Eventually Logan Clarke flew up to San Francisco and did his own narration of his poem at

Monima Musics Studio.

Artist's Plight - Narration by David Denny