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"The Winds Of Lyon"
"The Winds Of Lyon" is the new title for all released music composed at Monima Music
along with other musicians. The album is
now for sale and can be
downloaded here!

Neon Sky
Indy film by director Jennifer Juelich, Sputnik Juelich and Debbie A Brubaker premier at the
Sonoma International Film Festival  4/4/ at 8:30 PM Burlingame Hall Sonoma, CA ...
It was an enjoyable challenge working on the music score f

A Fierce Green Fire - American Masters
A Fierce Green Fire Airs on American Masters PBS April 22...
David Denny, Carlos Carlos A. Reyes and I had the pleasure to work on the music with George Michalski for
director Mark Kitchell 's film A Fierce Green Fire
w/ narration by Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd.
Hope you can watch!

"The Third Wave Musical"
Book and lyrics by Ron Jones

Music and Lyrics by David Denny, Kathy Peck and Emily Klion

Published worldwide by Dramatic Publishing

The Third Wave Musical tells the true story of a classroom experiment in facism which takes place in January 1967 at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California. It is a time of anti-war protests, racial intergration and a cultural revolution. To answer a student's question about how the holocaust could happen, a young teacher, Mr. Jones, decides to give his world history class an exercise in discipline-the experience of being in a totalitarian society. To his surprize, the students like the order and power that comes with discipline. No one could predict the explosive events to follow.

Review: "The Third Wave Musical" at the Marsh Youth Thearter

The Third Wave Musical trailer:

"A Fierce Green Fire"

Los Angeles Times article - Sundance 2012

David Denny and ex-wife Kathy Peck, George Michalski, the composer and producer of the music for Academy Award nominated director, Mark Kitchell's film, "A Fierce Green Fire" a battle for a living planet. The songs were engineered and mastered by David Denny at Monima Music studio in San Francisco for the Sundance priemier.

Former Steve Miller Band guitarist, David Denny preforms on guitar and sings the lead on the majestic opening theme song " A Fierce Green Fire", along with virtuoso prodigy George Michalski on keyboards and Kathy Peck's vocals on the chours written by George performing on piano with Keta Bill singing a no holds barred ballsy blues. Moreover, David provided a fine temporary full narration on the film for the Sundance Film Festival World Premier until Robert Redford, Ashly Judd, Isabel Allende and Van Jones

completed the final version.

"Artisit Plight"
Recorded at Monima Music with George Michalski producing, David Denny engineering.

Poem by Logan Clarke
Music by George Michalski
Temporary narration by David Denny

Jan 2012

Here is a new video featuring The Artist's Plight, a poem written by Logan Clarke in 1978, with beautifully written music by George Michalski, a soulful narration by David Denny that features the emotional ride depicting the agony and the ecstacy of the artist. Please feel free to share. The Artist's Plight is a poem that has grown in popularity over the years passed on from artist to artist.
It serves as inspiration when times are tough and a reminder of more humble beginnings once prominence is achieved.

"Neon Sky"

David Denny and Kathy Peck completed the music score for the independent film "Neon Sky" written and directed by Jennifer Juelich, depicting an American portrait of the last days of a traditional traveling carnival and the family who struggles to keep it alive. World reknown violnist Carlos Reyes joins life-long friend and musical partner David Denny on roller coaster ride scene.

"Looking Back" is the final impassioned scene music for "Neon Sky" composed by David Denny and Kathy Peck and Carlos Reyes performing on violin.